The Chair Series™ was borne in the early days of Covid, when Executive Director Brian Keeler sat in a solitary chair in the empty space of The (shuttered) Stissing Center. He had a lengthy conversation with his friend, The Stissing Center. And later, he had an idea how to continue his conversation—by inviting some friends, musicians and artists to come and perform. One at a time, every few weeks. To sit in the chair as he did. Alone, as he did. In the building, for the building. And to offer you some music, poetry, dance, or maybe even a monologue or two. So that they, and you, could get to know The Stissing Center, even if you couldn’t be with us for a while.

This series reflects a lonely time at The Stissing Center. One that, we hope, is now behind us. We are once again filling the halls with music and more, and live audiences. Neighbors, friends, and visitors. Dancing, singing, watching, listening. Getting to know The Stissing Center and all its potential.

Welcome back. We missed you.

(Did you miss Brian’s original Conversation with a Friend? You can read it here.)


What’s been said about The Chair Series™:

I just wanted to reach out and say how wonderful the “Chair Sessions” are. Watched Brian’s when it posted and today Eugenia. They are marvelous, poignant and such a perfect way to keep Memorial Hall in people’s minds right now. Can’t wait for the next one!! With gratitude from your avid fan…


This chair series is a great idea, Brian. And all I can say about Ms Zukerman is WOW!


Such a heartfelt rendition of Close Your Eyes, Brian!! A perfect tribute to The Stissing Center! I hope things are beginning to move in a good direction and that we’ll soon see live performances…together and unmasked!


I was so moved by your Chair Series video and your guitar rendition that I had to write to you about some of the feelings I’ve been having about you and the Stissing Center’s cancelled Spring series. I’m aware of how hard this is for you and I share your sense of loss.

I know we must think of the future, after Covid-19, but right now I find myself reliving exceptional moments of theater, dance and performance I’ve had the great fortune to experience over the years… I look forward to many more such memorable moments at Stissing. Thank you for your faith in our community. We will overcome.

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