Construction Continues

The extensive renovations of The Stissing Center’s 100+ year old building continue, even as we open the doors to our performance space this year. Restoration will maintain the original rural character of the building and its elegant open auditorium space, while adding equipment and modernization to support arts programs, film, music performances, community programs, and more. 
Still to do is build out the rear of the building to house important HVAC and stage components, and to add a side porch to the east to expand event space and provide additional egress. We’re looking forward to the addition of a community kitchen on the lower level and renovation of our third floor into incubator, workshop, and gallery space. 
We have raise 70% of the funding we need to complete our capital building and renovation plan. We now have our eyes on the finish line. Your support, in the form of donations, sponsorships, ticket purchases, and underwriting, will help us get there. 
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