We’re Not Done

With your help, we can finish the job.

Your $50,000 Donation Can Provide One of These

  • Side Porch – Overlooking the Stissing House Lawn.
  • Rear Addition – Will house HVAC, rear elevator.
  • Rear Elevator
  • Doors – You wouldn’t believe how many doors we need!
  • Lighting System and Fixtures – Can’t have performances in the dark.
  • HVAC – This is the most expensive piece of this construction puzzle.
  • Rear Elevator – Will serve the stage level and the top floor.

Your $25,000 Donation Can Provide One of These

  • Sprinkler System – Required for fire safety.
  • Accessible Lift for Front Entrance 
  • Sound System – Need to hear the music.
  • Community Kitchen – This will be a great community asset.
  • Venue Seating – We’ll have flexible floor-plans… we’ll purchase chairs that can move about and store easily.
  • Front Stairs – So you can get into the building…and out again.

Your $10,000 Donation Can Provide One of These

  • Dressing Room – Including shower, restroom, lighting, etc.
  • Restroom – Mezzanine, and Lower, 1st, & 2nd Floors.
  • Lights Rigging
  • Radiant Heating – For the ground floor.
  • Paint/Painting
  • Gallery and Workshop – Dedicated art gallery and workshop space on 2nd Floor.

Your $5,000 Donation Can Provide One of These

  • Film Projection
  • Movie Screen
  • House Lighting
  • Stage Curtains
  • Building Banner / Signage
  • Plaster Repair
  • Windows – We couldn’t salvage all of them…
  • Tin Ceiling Repair – We’re keeping the original…just making it better.

Your $2,500 Donation Can Provide One of These

  • Fire Alarm System 
  • Security System
  • House Lighting
  • Hardware
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