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Click HERE to watch the world premiere of Bach vs The Climate Crisis on YouTube

Pianist Sophia (Shuhui) Zhou and Visual Artist J Henry Fair
Performed and Recorded Live at The Stissing Center on Monday, October 24, 2022  

“Bach versus The Climate Crisis” is a collaboration between pianist Sophia (Shuhui) Zhou and visual artist J Henry Fair. Infusing a live performance of the Goldberg Variations by Bach with a dynamic mix of haunting and abstract aerial imagery from industrial sites and close-ups of the performing musician, it creates a unique sensory multimedia experience while increasing awareness of the environmental crisis we all face.

Composed in Leipzig at the dawn of European industrialization, “The Goldberg Variations” echoes the genius and complexity of German math, science, and engineering, which are the basis of its economic, industrial, and military achievements in the centuries hence.

Leipzig, the hometown of Bach’s genius, is also the center of German brown coal. In spite of the climate crisis, Germany, as does most of the world, still gets 30% of its electricity from coal, the most polluting and climate-damaging way to generate energy. The pairing of the awe-inspiring “Goldberg Variations” and the surreal abstract aerial images of our destruction of nature thus creates a jarring juxtaposition.


About the Artists: Sophia (Shuhui) Zhou is a pianist based in New York. She is the founder and director of the highly-acclaimed Chamber Music at The Stissing Center series.

J Henry Fair is a widely published and exhibited American photographer and environmental activist based in New York and Berlin.

Made possible by The Weeden Foundation and The Berkshire Taconic Foundation. 

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